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Best Cycling Holiday Destinations In Switzerland

Best Cycling Holiday Destinations In Switzerland, Velovilla

For Decades, Switzerland has been an ambiguous place for the world. Located at the centre of the European Alps, without any access to the sea and surrounded by France, Italy, Austria, and Germany, Switzerland has successfully avoided almost every significant conflict during the last century, keeping it healthy and peaceful Alpine life. Switzerland may be known for its brilliant engineering, tasty cheese but also have a lot to offer for the cycling enthusiast. When combining Switzerland and Cycling, the only thing you get is beautiful and picturesque cycling destinations. Velovilla brings you the best cycling holiday destinations in Switzerland, where you can spend your holidays within the beautiful Alpine Life. Switzerland has numerous cycling destination with over 7000 miles of signposted routes. So, here are Velovilla's handpicked Best Cycling Holiday Destinations

  • Val De Bagnes: The secluded nature reserve of Val De Bagnes will undoubtedly offer a new level of remoteness to your next mountain biking campaign. Hidden to most of the outside world, once the largest town of Switzerland, Val de Bagnes, has it all. With views of everything from lakes, glaciers, wildlife, and rock gardens, there can never be a better way to take it all then from the seat of your bike. The only thing you have to keep in mind that Val de Bagnes is a protected zone, so be attentive to where you go and what you do. With Velovilla's Trainingslager cycling(cycling training camp in Switzerland), you can rest assured that you will get the breathtaking views without taking away too much of breath!

  • Saint-Luc: Located on the shining slopes of the Swiss mountainside lies the ski resort of Saint-Luc. It's unbearably freezing in the winter, so make sure to bring your bike in the summer. This place has several drops and jumps, as well as unbelievable trails. There is additionally a bike park for those who shoot for the more adrenaline-pumping sides of stuff. The Mountain range in this area is around 1340 to 3000m high that clearly is the sign of ultimate thrill.

  • Mont Blanc: Mont Blanc or the white mountains is the highest mountain in the Alps and also one of the deadliest. The peak of the hill rises to almost 5,000m above sea level. The Mont Blanc is shared between Switzerland, Italy, and France, making it a popular tourist spot. The area also offers several competitions and bike tours in temperate seasons. The Mont Blanc sets a whole different level of thrilling bike challenges. With 400 summits, 7 Valleys, and over 70 glaciers, Mont Blanc takes mountain biking to a whole new level!

  • Zermatt: At the very centre of the beautiful city of Zermatt lies one of Switzerland's most famous figures: the Matterhorn. Matterhorn is a pyramid-shaped behemoth that separates the two nations of Switzerland and Italy. This place is the most picturesque place of all, and if you're a photographer and mountain biker, Zermatt is the perfect location for the next picture-perfect opportunity. With single winding track and high-speed slopes, Zermatt is an incredible area for bikers of any level.

  • Crans-Montana: Crans-Montana is a two adjoined resorts that tower at a staggering height of 1500 meters. The best period to bike the surrounding mountainous plains are as early as May when the bike parks are open. The park is massive and has 177 marked mountain bike, enduro routes, and cross-country. Although this region may not possess the lushest terrain, it certainly brings its appeal to everyone. Though, be prepared, as tourists have often said that the Crans-Montana region has been known to contain large pockets of mud. But don't let this stop you from experimenting out into this enormous sierra.

  • Trient: Renamed after an Italian city, Trento, Trient is a landscape of flawless beauty. This city is home to part of the Alps. The Trient Valley is the untouched natural paradise with wild gorges, caves, and also one of the most beautiful glaciers of the Alpes. Legend has it that the place even have dinosaur tracks throughout the countryside. This area offers breathtaking landscapes, and when Cycling into the Martigny Valley, you are going to greeted by vineyards that cross for miles. With a low difficulty rating and Velovilla's Trainingslager cycling(cycling training camp in Switzerland), you can rest assured that you will get the breathtaking views without taking away too much of breath!

  • Swiss Rhone Valley: The eastern side of the Swiss Alps there lies the serene Rhone Valley, home to agricultural and industrial towns Brig and Visp. The icing on the winter yet dense in the summer, the Upper Rhone valley is the perfect origin point for the ultimate bike ride. It is possibly the ideal and ultimate mountain biking experience. The Sporting views of lakes, enriched greenery, and polished granite rocks make the cycling experience even more pleasant. Make sure you wear your headgears, though, as a fall from this road will undoubtedly bang you up a little.

  • Flims-Laax: These adjacent villages are set in an absolutely stunning playground for outdoor ventures. Biking will suit all levels of ability here. There are some splendid routes around the beautiful Flims Forest covered with beautiful forestry and breathtaking cliffs. Cycling around the woods is serene and followed by some magnificent views, including the possibility to look down on the "Rhine Gorge" from the 970m-high "Spir" viewing terrace at Conn. The entire family can chill with the visits to stunning Cauma and Cresta Lakes. The Lifts offer an accessible option to reach more than 200 miles of varied trails, including family-circuit routes available here.

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